Find Sundae

Please help us bring our beloved cat home!

About Sundae

Sundae is six years old. She had a difficult start. She was a rescue kitten and was very sick after she was born, but she managed to pull through and now she is a sweet and playful cat!

We recent moved from our previous home, the only home she ever knew. After we moved she was very disoriented and scared, which was very out of the ordinary behavior for Sundae. She has always been an indoor/outdoor cat, and a couple days after we got here, she went out and we haven't seen her since. We think maybe she tried to find "home" again, but it is a very big world. We're hoping she's still in the area, maybe around other people who might be able to help get her back to us.

Our family is very grateful to anyone who is willing to help us in our search. We have hoped every day that someone would call us and tell us that she has been found. She is very loved and very missed. We are praying that she will come home soon!! Thank you for your help!